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friday afternoon monologue

Me (standing in the store): The Starbucks app told me I can get free refills on coffee. Is that true?
Barista (standing in the store): Yes, as long as you’re in the store.
Me (still standing in the store): Great… because… here I am…

After the characters of J.R.R. Tolkien have been box-office stars for years, the author himself will finally take center stage as plans for a biopic have now been revealed. True to the vision of executive producer Peter Jackson, the story will be split into 3 films – The Fellowship of the J, The Two Rs and The Return of the Tolkien.

Catching Fire, the second movie in the Hunger Games franchise, opens today and is expected to dominate the weekend box office. In it, children are forced to fight one another, risking their health and sanity for the entertainment of the masses. “Hey, that was our idea first!” shouted the producers of Toddlers & Tiaras.

A few weekends ago, we went to see the Packers at Lambeau. Below a few notes on The Lambeau Experience:

Green Bay may be the only place I’ve ever been where people park their cars on a stranger’s lawn before they start drinking.

In Wisconsin, the sign says “No food or beverages allowed inside the stadium,” but the sign means “Carry your Miller Lite tallboy right to the stadium entrance, then chug it and set it on the ground next to all the other empties.”

At Shopko in Green Bay, it’s about 20 feet from the front door to the main aisle. “20 feet” or “3 racks of jerseys and 1 rack of Aaron Rodgers action figures.”

Your green and gold pajama pants aren’t just around-the-house clothes anymore.

If you think you can’t crochet beer cans into a hat, think again.

If you think everyone’s forgiven Favre, think again.

And if you think bratwurst is an acceptable breakfast food, think agai- well, no, you’re right on that one.

Wisco Disco is a beer that exists. Because, what better logic for naming a beer than “hey, it rhymes with Wisco!” Hopefully next year, Stillmark Brewing will start selling their tributes to the West Coat (Wisco Frisco) and Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (Wisco Sisko).

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friday afternoon monologue

Okay, so after that whole “I flew to the wrong airport” thing last week, the weekend was a lot of fun. We saw all sorts of family and friends and I got to listen to the Brewers game on Saturday, Bob Uecker Day, where they unveiled the official Mr. Baseball statue at Miller Park. The celebration wasn’t too big a deal, he just got Doc Severinsen to play, Hank Aaron to introduce him and Bob Costas to join him for the entire radio broadcast. You know, same old, same old.

Accurate TV Guide
Law & Order “Breathless”: Detectives question a standup comedian, that girl who was on a sitcom when she was 7 and the angry boss from ER about a murder. The suspect is defended in court by Jack Donaghy’s mom.

Sorry, I’ve had a lot of Law & Order on the brain lately. I had a mini-self-intervention when I realized that it was starting to affect my worldview. I had started to replace “I just heard this story on NPR” with “I just saw a Law & Order about that.”

It just got cold enough that our daughter has been wearing socks and shoes more regularly. It’s amazing how this small wardrobe change makes me think of her as an actual person. An actual person who trash-talks the bathtub, but an actual person nonetheless.

Another season of NFL football is officially underway (well, except for official referees being there). Important questions around our house currently include:
What hot, hearty meals are we planning for Sunday afternoon?
Will we continue to hold grudges against certain players for poor play in the early part of last year’s season?
What are the superstitious traditions we feel will propel our team to victory?
Lucky sweatshirt – to wash or not to wash?
Will the Packers gear that fits our daughter now still fit her at week 16?

Twitter has taught me some valuable lessons in the past few weeks:
We’re all racing to be first to that Lance Armstrong/Neil Armstrong/Stretch Armstrong joke.
If you haven’t watched the most recent episode of Breaking Bad, one glance at Twitter will spoil it for you. Tweet at your own risk.
Excited about new followers? Don’t be; they’re spambots.

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